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1. 禁止通行。睿狮中国创意群总监曾强是广告创意的发起人,他的洞察来自中国交通事故的数据统计。在中国,每三分钟就有一人因交通事故受伤,每十分钟就有一人因交通事故死亡。而行人和司机‘无视’交规正是交通事故频发的‘元凶’。 

No entry: The initator of the campaign idea, Zeng Qiang (group creative director at Lowe China) identified a problem statistic. In China, someone is injured in a traffic accident every three minutes, and every 10 minutes, someone dies as a result of one. Pedestrians and drivers failing to acknowledge and obey traffic signs are the key to these tragic figures.


2. 禁止左转。睿狮中国深入中国残联和各大医院,请来因交通事故致残的真实人物,以他们的现身说法勾起人们的自省。睿狮团队联络了100多位车祸受害者,其中9位受害者(或已故受害者的家属)热心出镜。 

No left turn: The Lowe China team set out to make this happen, by “sourcing” real traffic accident victims from the China Disabled Persons’ Federation and various local hospitals. The team contacted more than 100 victims. Nine victims (or relatives of a deceased victim) kindly agreed to appear in the campaign.


3. 行人止步。睿狮中国向睿狮全球创意委员会提呈了广告创想,力求得到将想法付诸实践的资金支持。“这一创想将提高睿狮全球网络的声望,”一位倡导者表示。一位不愿透露姓名的消息人士称,睿狮后来计划要么说服其中国重量级客户通用汽车选择别克参与广告,要么另选其他汽车制造商参与广告。 

No pedestrians: The agency pitched the idea to Lowe’s Global Creative Council to obtain funding to turn it into reality. “This is an idea that will gain prestige for the network,” one advocate said. The plan, according to a source who asked for anonymity, was to then persuade Lowe’s star client in China, General Motors, to adopt the idea for the Buick brand, or to offer it to another car manufacturer.


4. 卡车禁止通行。广告策划一路畅行。3月中旬,9位车祸受害者一连5天在车祸发生地高举交通指示标志。世界交通安全日(4月7日)那天,配套平面广告亮相电台及平面媒体。全方位传播一起发力,向大家传达一个信息:‘事关人命,遵守交规’。 

No trucks: With the green light on, the agency got the nine victims to hold up traffic signs at the spots where their accidents actually happened in a five-day live stunt staged in mid-March, with the captured visuals running on broadcast and print media on World Traffic Safety Day (7 April). The key message: “Signs are there for a Reason. Obey the rules.”


5. 禁止掉头。在一份简明扼要的案例研究概要中,睿狮上海写道:“这些因交通事故致残的受害人或因交通事故死亡的受害人家属极力克制自己的情绪,以真实人物充当交通指示标志,这种现身说法最具警醒作用。他们静静地站在车祸易发地段,高举交通标志,提请大家遵守交规。这支关爱生命、安全出行的广告战役让大家看到了违反交规带来的恶性危害。针对事故多发地段精心制作的视觉广告和短片直观、犀利地传达了道路安全的重要性。”

No U-turn: The agency wrote a nice, succint case study summary that reads in part: “Trying to be calm and hide their emotion, the victims’ amputated bodies, or the family of the deceased, say it all as they pose as human traffic signs. They quietly carry the important warnings at these accident-prone locations. The road safety campaign offers a stark warning of the dangers of not obeying traffic laws. The beautifully crafted photographs and film from the accident hot spots provide a compelling message about the importance of road safety.” 


6. 限速(40公里/小时)。睿狮上海携此作品参加了众多广告节的评选。除斩获中国广告长城奖、中国4A金印奖、Ad Stars广告创意奖、戛纳广告节大奖、伦敦国际广告节大奖、Spikes Asia广告节大奖、中国艾菲奖外,《事关人命,遵守交规》还荣膺上周刚刚闭幕的One Show中华创意节全场大奖。 

Speed limit (40km/h): Lowe submitted the campaign to as many award shows as possible. Its latest award from OneShow China last weekend adds to the existing haul, including wins at China Great Wall Festival, China 4As Awards, AdStars, Cannes, London International Awards, Spikes Asia, China Effies since June this year.


7. 前方红绿灯。广告目标(希望能)减少交通事故的发生。截至目前采集的数据:睿狮方面称,广告效果令人称奇:交通事故受害者现身说法的那5天中,交通事故量较年平均值减少了50%。据悉,详细数据还待公安部交管局统计。睿狮表示还计划开展公众交通安全态度调查,以评估此次广告战役的效果。

对于调查进度,睿狮表示鉴于有限的人力和财力,其无法明确调查的完工日期。 在情感方面,增强表示:“在我眼中,他们都是英雄。这些事故受害者勇气可嘉,他们中有人对我说,参与这次广告宣传也是他们自我疗愈的一个过程。”

Traffic light ahead: Reduce traffic accidents (hopefully). The only statistic so far: Lowe makes the surprising claim of a 50 per cent reduction in accidents during the five-day live stunt in March by comparing it to monthly averages. More detailed statistics are still being tabulated with the Traffic Administration Bureau of the Ministry of Public Security in China, we are told. Plans are also in place for to conduct a survey about traffic attitudes among the public in order to gauge the real effectiveness of this campaign, though the agency was unable to commit to a completion date when probed, citing lack of manpower and budget.

Nonetheless, Zeng commented on the emotional aspect. “To me, they are all heroes,” he said. “These victims are very brave and some of them told me appearing in the campaign is also part of their healing process.”

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