Associate Account Director

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Associate Account Director


职位描述 Job Description

Main responsibilities:

 Professional Skills

- Should be able to produce fully integrated campaigns from start to finish and/or lead/guide his or her direct reports to insure flawless execution of all campaigns

- Flawless execution demonstrated through project management

- Ability to stay calm in stressful situations

- Master of all agency and production processes


Problem Solving Skills

- Should be fast on their feet, be flexible, come up with smart, creative answers to client issues

- Ability to resolve conflict

- Strong negotiation skills

- Anticipate problems; resolve problems at early stages; know when to ask for help


Strategic Skills

- Experienced in this area by showing understanding of what goes into a brief and why, what makes a good brief and how to inform creatives

- Contribute to the writing and/or authoring briefs for creatives

- Develop strategic recommendations/POV, based on sound rationale and are actionable, and be able to express these internally and externally

- Must be able to recognize/articulate/challenge strategic intent of creative and media


Communication Skills

- Strong written/verbal skills and the ability to sell a concept and write a strong agency POV

- Constant stream of communication in all directions internally and externally – with a strong sense of urgency

- Good listener, with solid presentation skills

- Knowledge of how to be persuasive, both internally and externally


Creative Judgment

- Understand client comms/campaign or brand guidelines

- Need to be able to clearly express ideas and build relationships with creatives that allow them to contribute to the process

- Make the work better by understanding the brand and the environment

- Be honest yet constructive when providing feedback/your opinion



- Interested in advertising as a career – talk about good campaigns, read about advertising, etc.

- Bring new ideas to the table

- Eager to learn

- Get involved beyond your account – pro bono, new business, agency culture



Internal Relationship




Client Relationship

- You should know all of your client counterparts, their roles/responsibilities in the day to day management of projects

- Build/maintain positive/productive working relationships with client counterparts

- Earn client’s trust and confidence through responsiveness, reliability and know-how

- Understand client’s business/working process


Business Results

- Budgets and estimates are your responsibility, making sure all estimates that go out are accurate

- Understand what things cost and why and be able to explain costs

- Understand how project and budget management impact account/agency profitability

- Have foresight and plan ahead




Client Service

Client contact for Marketing Director, Brand Managers, Product Managers

Responsible for ensuring Client satisfaction and handling strategic issues or problem resolution of brand communication issues

Earn client’s trust and confidence through responsiveness, reliability and know-how

Understanding of the marketplace and our Client’s business including various media and distribution channels

Be accountable for the security of our Client’s business

Contribute and if appropriate lead new business pitching opportunities


Internal Ogilvy Advertising

Be the go to person for your projects. Management of AM /SAE/AE to ensure progression and achievement of objectives

Establish strong partnerships throughout the agency, work with Creative teams and planning teams to drive creative excellence and ‘out of box’ opportunities

Manage the internal & external resources: traffic, production, studio, finance, creative, accounting and anyone else associated with getting the work done



Project Supervision

Drive profitable client relationships

Effectively manage and interpret Client feedback

Oversee project creative briefings

Develop working relationship with Account Managers and Account Executives to ensure that once briefed the campaign/project runs forward smoothly

Be first stop for resolving problems raised by Account Managers and Executive

Project implementation:

Take responsibility for overall project management

Identify specific tasks and delegate s appropriate to specialists or project team

Manage people, finances and external resources

Monitor progress against plan, pre-empt and if necessary resolve shortfalls

Identify and manage risk within acceptable limits involving your BD as appropriate



Supervise and assist client on integration of all campaign metrics eg. Brand Tracking

Obtain campaign improvement insights based on research results findings



Ensure creative teams motivation and working processes. Ensure linkage with other disciplines for joint briefs

Oversee project briefings (both written & actual briefing) & client approval

Provide creative judgement

Ensure superb, impactful and innovative creative development - in line with client’s requirements and brand print


Personnel and People Management

Work with BD/GAD to project future account team personnel requirements and overcome any existing issues.

Manage the workload, working with other Ogilvy Advertising colleagues to optimise efficiency and spread the load as necessary, providing feedback to your BD/GAD on planning and any issues.

Ensure any new staff under your responsibility undergoes a formal induction programme which covers the Client’s business, Agency procedures and any specific areas where they may need additional information/introduction.

Provide the necessary guidance including realistic/specific objectives and recommend training as appropriate to develop individuals to meet the needs of our Client’s business.

Ensure appraisals take place within the correct time frame, involving your BD/GAD in the process and making your recommendations regarding that individual prior to the appraisal.

Take responsibility for management and motivation of subordinates to allow them to achieve maximum potentials.

Take responsibility/objectivity for highlighting sub-standard performance of personnel within you team and work with your BD/GAD to ensure the necessary decision/action is taken.






Maintain a consistently high standard of presentation and documentation by all team members.

Always endeavour to practice a major presentation with all participants prior to the event.

Take ownership of quality of creative response in conjunction with Creative Director.

Lead by example and take an active participation in the use and contribution to Truffles and knowledge management.



Comply with Agency reporting procedures and ensure all practices and systems are followed.

Ensure you and your subordinates are aware of and sell/utilise the Ogilvy specialist services, eg. 360, PR

Ensure you and your Team attend any training sessions organised by Client or Agency.

Ensure regular upward communication takes place.

Take an active part in Company brainstorms, events etc, generally contributing to the culture of the Agency.


Financial Management

Ensure Production Estimates are adhered to or any need for amendments to Production estimate are discussed and agreed with the Client as early as possible during a project.

Provide monthly feedback summary on Client billings including providing input to Billings Summary.

Take responsibility for any Aged Debts and ensure Purchase Orders are raised for suppliers.

Ensure/evaluate purchasing efficiency of production of all materials on behalf of our Client, e.g. obtaining a number of quotations; seeking more efficient delivery methods/systems/suppliers.

Demonstrate awareness of need to achieve quarterly targets and understanding of management of finances and Client budgets at year end, ie. managing projects from one year’s budgets to the next/accruing funds from previous year etc .

Ensure adherence to the client contract agreements where appropriate for all man hours’ fees and third party costs.

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