Media Planning Manager / Media Planner 媒介策划经理/媒介策划

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发布于 2019-05-15

Media Planning Manager / Media Planner 媒介策划经理/媒介策划


职位描述 Job Description

Overview of this position:
We offer you a seat in the rocket called ‘Inspire’. This position is for a self-driven, motivated and ambitious planner who plays an important role in Inspire’s most important media planning team. He/she supports the team lead to ensure quality media strategy delivery and in turn grows him/herself and shares the growth of this innovative integrated agency.

Key responsibility:

  • Understand market, business, consumer and media through market research and intelligence.

  • Analyze consumer insight and behavior patterns.

  • Support media planning lead to develop media strategy and proposal with team.

  • Participate media idea brainstorming and contribute.

  • Work with creative team to realize media ideas and prepare proposals.

  • Work with brand planning team to contribute to integrated strategy from media planning’s standpoint.

  • Keep regular communication, maintain a good relationship with key media partners and hold most up-to-date knowledge of media format, content trend, technology and solutions.


  • Bachelor degree or above

  • 2+ years related experience

  • Proficiency in media planning tools e.g. CNRS, iresearch

  • Proficiency in workings tool e.g. office PPT, Excel

  • Proficiency in verbal and written bilingual communication skills

  • Good inter personal communication skills

  • Consumer goods experience preferred

  • Good presentation skills is a plus

  • Good content sense is a plus


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Inspire 蕴世上海

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