Senior Account Executive/资深客户执行

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发布于 2023-11-21

职位描述 Job Description

资深客户执行 (SAE) 帮助客户总监/客户经理充当客户的主要业务联系人,并负责客户满意度。支持客户之间的日常沟通/信息共享和项目支持需求。该职位需要强大的沟通、团队合作、项目管理和组织能力。


  • 安排会议并与客户联络以了解简报

  • 对客户的要求提供快速响应或解决方案

  • 通过明确的优先级分配管理众多正在进行的项目

  • 同时与多个客户联系人打交道

  • 向内部团队成员清楚地汇报工作要求

  • 监控项目的所有阶段以确保其顺利运行

  • 对提交给客户的所有工作进行质量控制

  • 创建报价,确保及时计费并记录所有最新的财务状况


  • 2年以上广告公司客户服务部工作经验

  • 英语听说读写流利

  • 处理多项任务的能力以及细节驱动

  • 一流的组织能力

  • 对所有正在进行的项目采取积极主动的态度并充分了解流程

  • 优秀的团队合作能力

  • 能够在强大的压力下工作,同时保持冷静的态度

  • 获取客户信任的能力

  • 您喜欢数据并认为每个公司都应该根据事实做出决策

  • 您享受发现商机

Senior Account Executive (SAE) help to Account Director/Account Manager serves as the primary business contact for the client and is responsible for client satisfaction. Support the day-to-day communication/information sharing and project support needs between the clients. The role will require strong communication, teamwork, project management and organization skills.


  • Arrange meetings and liaise with clients to understand briefs

  • Provide quick response or solutions to client’s requests

  • Manage numerous ongoing projects with clear priority allocation

  • Deal with several client contact persons in the same time

  • Debrief job requirements clearly to the internal team members

  • Monitor all project stages to guarantee that they run smoothly

  • Quality control of all work that is submitted to clients

  • Create quotations, ensure timely billing and record all the finance status up to date.


  • 2+ years of experience in account services in the advertising industry.

  • Multi-tasking & detailed driven are highly required

  • First class organisational skills

  • Excellent oral and written communication skills in both Mandarin and English

  • A proactive approach to all the ongoing projects and full awareness of processes

  • Experience of working as part of a team

  • Ability to work under strong pressure whilst maintaining a cool outlook

  • The confidence to give clients trust in your work

  • DOER : you get things done yourself and inspire your teams to do so

  • ANALYTIC : you LOVE data and think every company should take their decisions with facts

  • HUNTER : you identify business opportunities and enjoy

  • MOVER AND SHAKER : you have a hacker mindset and always find the quick wins

  • MENTOR : your clients and teams naturally seek for advice

  • AUTONOMOUS : you’re an entrepreneur…

Please be attentive to the requirements for this role and accompany your portfolio with a custom cover letter detailing why you’re the right talent for the job.

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