Planning Director 策略总监

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发布于 2022-05-13

Planning Director 策略总监


职位描述 Job Description

Job Description:

1.       The development of communication strategies and creative briefs based on insights from consumer research, brand understanding and marketplace data.

2.       Look beyond the commonly accepted approach and seeks opportunities for modifying and adapting existing practices. Where possible pursues new ideas or innovative approaches.

3.       Demonstrate versatility and flexibility and is able to shift directions as new information or feedback becomes available that suggests a new approach is needed.

4.       Stimulate and support creative efforts by others by creating opportunities for joint problem solving.

5.       Develop sound and creatively inspiring briefs and propositions to drive the quality of creative work in the group.

6.       Works closely with creative teams to assist in the creative development process.

7.       Analyze short- and medium-term goals and determine team objectives and identify the necessary critical tasks to achieve these objectives.

8.       Work across the DDB Group, providing analysis of market trends, presenting opportunities for building existing client revenue based on marketplace research.

9.       Is seen as the Strategy Champion for training and development and facilitates organizational learning when it comes to planning tools and practices, as well as, promoting knowledge and sharing.

10.    Uses best combination of communication channels to grow the client business.

11.    Engenders respect and builds effective relationships with business partners at the appropriate levels.

12.    Champion new business pitches, either directly or indirectly via team.

13.    Able to recognize the best talent in the marketplace and to effectively manage to retain them.


Job Requirement:

1.       Over 10 years’ experience as strategist or equivalent

2.       Risk taker who is open to change and has a knack for developing unconventional ideas, original opinions, and insights. 

3.       Has a level of professional knowledge and capability necessary to do the job, is motivated to continue learning and sharing knowledge.  

4.       Able to build effective relationships with colleagues, clients, and suppliers. Team player. Listens and shows respect for other points of view. 

5.       Passionate about advertising.  Inspires and influences others, has negotiating skills, team leadership, courage, accessibility, and integrity. 

6.       Excellent oral and written communication skills.

7.       Organized individual who can prioritize, meet deadlines, improve processes, be a guardian of the bottom line, and manage time effectively.

8.       Committed to both company and self-improvement.