Commercial Executive

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发布于 2022-05-09

Commercial Executive


职位描述 Job Description


Purchase data collection & analysis:

-        Reconcile purchasing data with negotiation rebate statement in compliance way. Check and review with internal and vendor to finalize the rebate amount by vendor and project.

-        与内部用户以及外部供应商沟通检查以及核对rebate数据,及时追踪合作供应商采买数据


-        Provide media rebate actualization reports include but not limited to monthly previous years rebate actualization report and reconciliation to finance team.



-        Vendor info and contract/PO data collect and analysis. Prepare required reports.

-        供应商及合同/订单数据收集和分析,并为相关采购报表提供数据上的支持。


-        Include but not limited support to rebate settlement.

-        其他rebate结算相关的支持工作


Contract/PO management:

-        Play the gate keeper role of Contract and PO review according to the procurement process.  Communicate with account team effectively when meet incompliance issues.

-        按照采购审核流程对合同和订单进行审核。针对不合规的情况,与业务团队进行高效的沟通



-        Bachelor's degree major in finance and minimum 1+ years of rebate data check and follow up ; relevant experience in media buy or MCN is preferred.

-        全日制本科财务专业及至少1年以上rebate 核算工作经验。有媒介采买公司或MCN相关工作经验的优先。


-        Great communication and coordination skill with team-work spirit;

-        卓越的沟通和团队合作能力。


-        Excellent compliance sense and great finial knowledge

-        极强的合规意识和专业财务知识


-        Problem solving skill and highly self-motivated, quick reaction to meet the target.

-        独立解决问题能力及高度的自觉性,以快速行动能力达到目标


-        Ability of data analysis and able to give proposal or insight base on the data

-        一定的数据分析能力,能基于数据分析提出自己的洞见


-        Proficient in MS Office software like excel, PPT, etc.

-        熟练使用office软件,如excl, PPT等


-        Good written and spoken English

-        良好的英语书写及口语能力