AE-SAE——Corp Branding Team

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发布于 2021-11-11

AE-SAE——Corp Branding Team


职位描述 Job Description

Role Summary

The AE / SAE in Corporate Branding team, is responsible for creating, planning and executing strategic mkt and communication plan for the clients, with a focus on b2b business. As a critical member of the innovative team, the candidate needs to hold a LEARNING and CAN-DO spirit and have all the flexibility to adapt different client and market needs.


- Conduct audits and desktop research to collect the mkt information and map the brand and mkt strategy

- Develop mkt and communication plan according to the client needs and the mkt insights

- Oversee the work from vendor and junior team members

- Execute on the planned projects, including but not limited to content development, digital and social mkt events delivery, website planning and crisis/media training facilitation, etc.

- Manage the relationship with the clients, internal partners, external media/KOL and vendors

- Participate in the new biz pitch planning and presentation

Required Qualifications

-          Strong business sense and interests

-          Innovative and flexible

-          Excellent people skill

-          Multi-tasking, well organized and detail-oriented, even in the most stressful life events

-          Profound knowledge of both mkt and branding skills

-          Presentable

-          Adaptive to different culture with people from different background

-          2-4 years working experience in business consultancy, communications or marketing field

-          Excellent written and presentation Chinese skill