Account Manager_Medical clients 客户经理(医药客户)

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发布于 2021-07-22

Account Manager_Medical clients 客户经理(医药客户)


职位描述 Job Description

Key Responsibilities


Expand revenue channels and scale existing client business

Contribute to and support service offerings for the office to capitalize on changing marketplace conditions, client & customer expectations, and technologies

Support client teams in providing strategic leadership to senior-most clients

Understands clients’ competitive landscapes and works toward improving client competitive performance

Ensure and lead where required a monthly and quarterly planning processes for clients

Provide leadership and guidance to the staff of all of the disciplines across the agency, on how to run the accounts we have, both local and international.

Maintain person-to-person relationships with senior client decision-makers, in order to protect and grow our business with existing clients.

When necessary, lead new business pitches, and form the necessary relationships to give an advantage in those pitches.


Knowledge & Experience


4 years of working experience in account servicing and solid experience in serving for RX/medical clients.

Both ATL and digital experience are needed.

Social communication and digital experience are preferable.

Sophisticated communication skills and good tempered.

Excellent English communication skills.

Good Team Player.

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