UI设计师/UI Designer

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发布于 2020-02-27

UI设计师/UI Designer


职位描述 Job Description

MediaMonks Shanghai is looking for an experienced UI Designer to shape and style digital products and platforms for one of China’s biggest international brands.

Role & Responsibilities
●  At our Shanghai office, you’ll be joining a dedicated team of Monks that works alongside our international offices to produce high-end work for a top-name client.
●  As one of our hands-on designers, you help to steer our sites, apps and platforms towards the apex of digital aesthetics.
●  As showcased in your portfolio, you have experience with everything from responsive web design for large-scale platforms to mobile apps.
●  You like working on long-term projects and love to get dirty with clean and functional designs.
●  You understand the nature of digital platforms and their users, and know how these two interface in practice.
●  You’re responsible for producing user interface designs that look great and are in line with the client’s objectives and expectations.
●  You help to translate the concept and briefing into a thought-out design.
●  You help to create style proposals, sketches and mockups to kickstart the design for new pages and features.

●  2 - 3 years of experience of crafting digital interfaces and experiences for platforms and design.
●  As showcased in your portfolio, you have broad and deep experience with digital
●  Your Photoshop/Sketch skills are so slick, they look photoshopped, and you also keep your files, layers and folders neatly organized, even if you’re a mess outside of Adobe CS.
●  You have an articulate understanding of grid systems, white space, aspect ratios, typography and colour theory, tying all of these elements together with obsessive attention to detail.
●  While you know all about the good, the bad and the ugly of user interface design, you understand that design is ultimately about moving people instead pixels.
●  You have experience with all stages of the design process, from conceptualizing styles to finalizing layouts and rolling out designs across markets and formats.
●  In addition to visual prowess, you have strong professional and interpersonal skills and feel confident in tackling high-end projects in tag team with clients and coworkers.
●  Native Chinese speaker, fluent in English communication, be able to present your work in both languages.

●  You’re meticulous in your process, and have an eagle-eye for detail.
●  You’re open to feedback and eager to go the extra mile for every milestone.

Does This Gig Have Your Name All Over It?
 At MediaMonks, you’ll work as part of the most awesome creative production company on the planet, operating as one office across teams and time zones with 2,000 Monks and counting. You’ll join a successful and super-fast-moving-(and-growing) company on a global mission to become the best production partner in any field and market.
You’ll get to be part of a truly international company creative people would kill to work for. We’ll give you an unlimited supply A-OK coffee, and a one-of-a-kind company culture — characterized by conscientiousness and celebrated with champagne. Thirsty? Let’s meet for a drink.

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