Head of Planning (Auto client)

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Head of Planning (Auto client)


职位描述 Job Description

Key Responsibilities:

The Head of Planning is responsible for the consumer relevance of the brand communication strategy and execution for his/her brands.  Acting in concert with a team that includes clients, account managers and creative, the Head of Planning takes a lead role in formulating consumer-driven creative briefs -- documents that help the copywriters and art directors with the message, style and tone of the campaign.  To do this, the Head of Planning will analyze consumer data and conduct primary research with a trained, sensitive eye for those insights that spark the creative process.

The Head of Planning will also be actively involved throughout the creative process, helping the agency arrive at the most powerful work by using consumers as a sounding board for ideas.  Again, this stage of research requires highly developed interpretive skills on the part of the Head of Planning, since he/she is on the front-line conducting and analyzing what people say about the work.

Brand communications takes many forms beyond advertising and the Head of Planning plays an important role in focusing graphic design, media, PR, interactive and promotional activities or the critical consumer insights and overall brand communication strategy.

The Head of Planning must also take primary responsibility within the agency for evaluating the effects of the campaign in the marketplace.  This requires superimposing sales and share data with consumer research tracking brand saliency and image over time.  In some cases, computer modeling is used to isolate the specific impact of advertising, pricing, promotions and other elements in the marketing mix.

The successful Head of Planning will be a strong team player whose opinion is valued and respected by creative people and account people at the agency, and by clients in both the marketing and research areas.

The Head of Planning maintains and supports all company standards as specified within the Quality Management System, processes and procedures

Job responsibilities may include other duties as assigned


1. College degree preferred;

2. Interpretive and Strategic thinking skills, with experience in the creation of integrated marketing efforts;

3. 15+ years account planning or related advertising experience;

4. Understanding of the effective use of media (direct, viral, print, internet, broadcast);

5. Up to date experience with new and innovative research techniques;

6. Strong writing and presentation skills;

7. The ability to inspire creative teams;

8. Have physical and mental requirements to meet the above listed job responsibilities.

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