Traffic Executive

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发布于 2019-03-14

Traffic Executive


职位描述 Job Description

Job Summary

The Traffic is responsible for managing the work process in an efficient and effective manner; to manage and allocate proper resources as well as to control budget achieving maximum margin.


Main Responsibilities

  • To ensure there is a job number before every job starts and to retain all information within the job bag system;

  • To prepare and to revise (if necessary) work schedule and to distribute to all relevant parties ensuring the final work task is delivered within the agreed time frame;

  • To coordinate briefing, creative review and/or debriefing sessions ensuring the attendance of key players;

  • To advise and allocate proper resources, and/or if necessary to hire freelancers with the consensus from both Traffic Manager and Account Handlers;

  • To closely monitor the work progress and alert Account Handlers (or Creative) should unexpected circumstances happen;

  • To ensure the job revision form is prepared by the Account Handlers when briefing is made to Art Buyer, Studio etc.

  • To work closely with Project Manager for any complicated interactive job;

  • To compile the weekly status report for the responsible accounts;

  • To arrange sign off of all creative work by all relevant parties before any work task is going out from the office;

  • To fully understand and implement the designated charging system for the responsible accounts;

  • To collect and assemble the cost / time from relevant parties, centralizing all production estimate preparation;

  • To ensure that production estimate is being approved and signed by client and PO is issued before any external work starts;

  • To ensure all POs are being input to the finance Adept system on a regular basis;

  • To initiate close job whenever possible after the job is completed and making sure that the Job Detail Report is carefully checked and signed by Account Handlers and Traffic Manager.


  • Has 1-2 years traffic experience or integrated, modern marketing experience (creative, digital, advertising, etc).

  • Possesses understanding of dynamics and operation of the company’s process

  • Good communications skills with all internal team members.

  • Flexible, resourceful and has good problem-solving skills.



Ogilvy 奥美

Ogilvy 奥美

上海 静安区