Associate Creative Director - art base (FMCG client) - 创意副总监

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发布于 2018-07-12

Associate Creative Director - art base (FMCG client) - 创意副总监


职位描述 Job Description


Associate Creative Director partners with account and planning in strategic thinking that leads to business-shaping creative solutions (nowadays integrated creative solutions).

1.  Set and maintain the creative direction and goals for specific projects and accounts, ensuring they meet client objectives and bring the brand to life.
2.  Generate original and innovative ideas across multiple channels that maximize the consumer engagement to the brand.
3.  Able to organize and present concepts in a clear manner.
4.  Hire, coach, and manage team members.
5.  Develop the team member to be equipped with digital/new media knowledge.


1.         Bachelor’s degree or above.

2.         Ability to generate big ideas that can be adopted on multiple media touch points to provide brand experience to consumers.

3.         Strong presentation skills and effective client relations skills.

4.         6+ years of professional creative (art base) experience; 2+ years in digital agency is preferred.

5.         Attention to detail and ability to work within strict deadlines.

6.         Ability to mentor creative personnel and foster learning and excellence among team members.

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