Senior Account Director (Auto)/资深客户总监(汽车行业)

上海 静安区
发布于 2023-11-21

职位描述 Job Description




  • 培养和维持积极的高级客户关系 - 成为他们的伙伴,帮助他们有效地交付项目,为战略客户的营销问题、不同的工作方式和范围界定提供咨询服务。

  • 日常整体领导客户。

  • 负责领导和管理关键项目,确保创意/输出卓越,包括盈利机会

  • 预测潜在的运营和效率问题及挑战

  • 了解客户和代理机构的商业挑战并与高级代理机构领导一起制定相应的解决方案


  • 人员发展和管理 - 包括根据成长心态进行指导、启发和激励

  • 通过整个机构的影响力说服、解决和销售的能力


  • 为每个项目/活动建立明确的交付目标和 KPI

  • 确保团队内部的正确采购+团队工作量的管理

  • 塑造并推动工作流程效率和业务盈利能力

  • 预见并解决代理机构和客户的运营问题和盈利挑战

  • 不断地、创造性地寻找新的和改进的工作方式,以确保有竞争力的产出


  • 财务职责包括审核和签署账单和预测、客户管理或根据需要升级账单


  • 能够制作创意简报,向创意团队提供清晰、有说服力的简报,并在整个创意开发过程中保持积极的贡献

  • 在IMC活动开发、品牌发展方面拥有丰富的经验

  • 具备出色的演示技巧和演示开发能力

  • 具备出色的组织能力

  • 了解什么是有效的战略

  • 知道如何驾驭复杂的客户利益相关者环境

  • 了解媒体生态系统的最新动态,尤其是新的/新兴的生态系统

  • 及时了解行业领先的创意作品

  • 能够同时领导和发展多个客户

  • 英语和普通话听说读写流利


Shanghai.monks, the Shanghai office of global creative company media.monks, is looking for a Senior Account Director. As our account director you join our client service team and drive the growth of our key clients. Working closely with the client and as well as internal teams, you deliver growth through building trust with your clients, by meeting and exceeding their expectations.

Client/Business Management

  • Nurture and maintain positive senior client relationships - be their partner in crime on how to deliver projects efficiently, advisor on strategic clients’ marketing problems, different ways of working and scoping

  • Overall leadership of clients on a day to day

  • Responsible for leading and managing key projects, ensuring creative/output excellence, including opportunities for profitability

  • Anticipate potential operational and efficiency issues and challenges

  • Understands clients’ & agency’s commercial challenges and develop corresponding solutions, together with senior agency leaders

Team Management

  • People development and management - includes coaching, inspiring, motivating aligned against a growth mindset

  • Ability to convince, resolve and sell through influence across the agency

Project/Resource Management

  • Establish clear delivery objectives and KPIs for every project/campaign

  • Ensure right-sourcing within teams + management of team workload

  • Shape and drive workflow efficiencies and profitability of the business

  • Foresee and solve operational problems and profitability challenges for the agency and clients

  • Constantly and creatively look for new and improved ways of working to ensure competitive production

Financial Management

  • Financial responsibilities include review and sign-off of billing and forecasting, client management or escalation of billing as needed

Who you are 

  • Able to craft creative briefs and provide clear, persuasive briefings to creative teams and remain an active contributor throughout the creative development process

  • Has extensive experience in IMC campaign development, brand development 

  • Has extensive experience in the auto industry.

  • Has excellent presentation skills and presentation development skills

  • Has excellent organizational skills

  • Understanding of what makes effective strategy

  • Knows how to navigate complex client stakeholder environments

  • Up to date with the media ecosystem, especially new/emerging ecosystems 

  • Up to date with industry leading creative work

  • Is able to concurrently lead and grow multiple clients

  • Effectively bilingual in both English and Mandarin

Please be attentive to the requirements for this role and accompany your portfolio with a custom cover letter detailing why you’re the right talent for the job.

What We Offer

At Media.Monks, you’ll be joining a highly ambitious company on a global mission to win the decade by changing the industry for good. We are the most awarded creative digital experience company in the world. Partner to 8 of the 10 most innovative companies in the world, Media.Monks works with established as well as up-and-coming global and regional brands across brand, social, digital, experience, platform, data, media and technology. We support Chinese brands with global ambitions, and bridge cultures for global brands in China.

We are an equal-opportunity employer committed to building a respectful and empowering work environment for all people to freely express themselves amongst colleagues who embrace diversity in all respects. Including fresh voices and unique points of view in all aspects of our business not only creates an environment where we can all grow and thrive but also increases our potential to produce work that better represents—and resonates with—the world around us. 




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