Group Head_Art base 创意组长_Art base(汽车客户)

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发布于 2021-07-22

Group Head_Art base 创意组长_Art base(汽车客户)


职位描述 Job Description

Key Responsibilities


Lead the creative team to provide creative strategies and guide and supervise the team's creative execution.

Independent creative thinking ability and logical thinking ability, excellent creative ability and copywriting ability.

Ability to draft proposals, rich experience in project management and team building, strong communication skills, and be able to provide necessary training and guidance to the Department to complete tasks and improve work efficiency.

Good communication, coordination, able to create a good atmosphere for the team.


Knowledge & Experience


At least 6 years working experience in traditional and digital advertising;

Good consumer insight, want to send idea, superior art ability;

Good at all kinds of content, style of art, skilled use of office software;

Active thinking, good communication skills, enthusiasm and sense of responsibility, and team spirit.

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