Content Manager/Copywriter 文案

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发布于 2020-06-30

Content Manager/Copywriter 文案


职位描述 Job Description



Spark44 is a global full-service marketing communications organization, and a joint venture with
Jaguar Land Rover.  With 18 offices in 16 countries, and just over 1,000 associates, we are responsible for all to ensure that all their communications are tailored to customers at every step of the journey – in short making brand experiences seamless. Our purpose is to spark the extraordinary – basically by ensuring we always stay curious. We never stop questioning. We believe in Big Lean Thinking – which manifests itself in an approach of ruthless creative efficiency worldwide.





·        Content Manager is familiar with different social media platforms. Responsible for social media content push. You need to have strong sensitivity to social media. Docking customer's content requirements and improving customer satisfaction.





·       Responsible for leading the content push of WeChat, Weibo and other platforms, docking customer content requirements, knowing that content output conforms to the tonality of the brand and the publishing platform, enhances customer satisfaction with content output, and controls the quality and release effect of the content.

·       Sensitive to social media, participate in various campaigns, discussion of hot topic ideas, and develop attractive communication directions, assist creatives to provide targeted content support, and implement campaigns well.

·       Familiar with the characteristics of different social media platforms and current social media content trends, have a macro understanding of the overall content of social media, and be able to develop content plans that meet the brand's milestones.

·       Familiar with the automotive industry environment, be able to develop an effective platform and content plan, quickly familiarize with and master brand tonality, and achieve customer specified KPI.





  • Good writing skills, 2-5 years of experience in the social media industry.

  • Strong sensitivity and judgment to social media hotspots, familiar with the characteristics of various social media platforms

  • Have unique understanding and opinions on the automotive industry, familiar with the marketing status of social media.

  • Be actively cooperate with other departments to develop communication strategies and content plans for social media platforms.



Spark44 上海

Spark44 上海

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